Dear Reverend Sir,

Yesterday, I received some very good news from your Monastery announcing The Transmission of The Complete Precepts of The Buddhas At Gold Mountain Monastery.

I am very happy to learn of such wonderful news, that the Mahayana Buddhism is progressing in the Western World. Since the decline of Buddhism in China and other Eastern Countries, the world's greatest philosophies are on the road to revival especially in the Western World where fighting and strife, disasters, wars and hunger are increasing daily.

After hearing the good news from your monastery, I have happily sent to you, under separate Sea-Parcel post, a pair of Chinese Palace Lanterns for this great occasion in your monastery next year. Upon receipt, please present them to His Eminence,' The Chief Abbot of Gold Mountain Monastery on my behalf.

I also wish to congratulate the members of the monastery and the peoples of the United States of America, to have such an opportunity to witness and benefit from these ancient rituals, especially performed during U.S.A. celebrating the 200th anniversary.

I sincerely hope that the ceremony will be of benefit to the peoples of the United States of America and to the entire mankind.

When the ceremony is in progress, I would be much obliged if you will kindly let me have news bulletins or any literature to keep me informed of such a great event. If there are any recordings in cassettes available, I would like to have them.

May I have your permission to request for prayers during the ceremony performed. I would like very much to attend such ceremonies. I hope I will be available during that time. In any event, if I am not present during the ceremony, please pray for me.

Any further Buddhist Books sent to me would be highly appreciated.

Wishing Members of the Gold Mountain Monastery every success in propagating Buddhism in the West.

Yours sincerely in the
Buddha Dharma,
Lee Teck Ban