Shown left are Upasaka Charles C.Y. Wu (Kuo Sung) and his mother Kuo Ch'i. Since they took refuge in 1973 and drew near the Venerable Master, they have continuously and vigorously protected the proper Dharma. Upasaka Wu, an experienced chemist who has worked in the field both in the United States and in Asia, is also endowed with exceptional literary skills. He is presently editing a transcription of the Surangama Sutra with commentary by the Venerable Master Hua and has written many articles to aid the spread of Buddhism in the West.

Upasaka Wu shows special filial regard for his mother, who, at over eighty, protects the Dharma by dwelling in semi-seclusion where she carries on a rigorous schedule of cultivation. Rising every day before 4 am, she recites morning recitation, bows to the Buddhas and then sits in meditation. During the day she recites the name of the Buddha, intent upon ending birth and death and gaining rebirth in the Pure Land of Amitabha. In addition, despite the fact that she is in practical terms illiterate, she has come to be able to recite the Mahayana Sutra texts. Every day she recites several chapters of the Avatamsaka Sutra, as well as other selected texts, such as the Lotus Sutra and the Earth Store Bodhisattva Sutra. Before sunset she recites evening recitation and at dark, mindful of the virtues of conservation, she puts the sutra texts aside to meditate on the name of Amitabha Buddha since it is a practice she can do without lighting a lamp.

Both Upasaka Wu and his mother seem to take great pleasure in protecting and propagating the Buddhadharma.