This issue of Vajra Bodhi Sea marks the fifth anniversary of publication--60 issues. The journal began with no capital, no support, no patron, and no donors, and the five years of publication have been five years of intense effort and struggle to keep it alive, making sport out of the difficult by overcoming the impossible.

Vajra Bodhi Sea began in the sincerity of a single idea, that the doctrines and methods of Buddhism can work a profound healing on a world of wide-spread disillusionment, unrest, and suffering. This is what has gotten the magazine out: not a great Dharma protector, but the deep wish of every member of the Sino-American Buddhist Association that the wonderful, far-reaching Dharma of the Buddha be available to all. We believe that the methods to relieve suffering taught by the Buddha are effective for all peoples everywhere, and are not limited in value to a "China," a "Japan," a "Thailand," or a "Tibet," etc. The aim of Vajra Bodhi Sea is "transcultural" exchange, making the true principles of Buddhism, which transcend all artificial barriers of race, nationality, and religious faith, available to all people.

In fulfilling this goal, we have emphasized the need for disciplined practice and study over a long period of time, the need for a strong moral foundation, and for first hand experience in cultivation of the Way, all based on the actual teachings of the Buddha. To this end, every issue of Vajra Bodhi Sea contains translated Sutra texts. This has not been an easy task, and it has taken a true Master of the Dharma to explain the Sutras in a way that scholars find useful and enjoyable, and, at the same time, that those without sophisticated university educationís find easily comprehensible and interesting. To emphasize the universal nature of the Buddhadharma, we have published articles of Buddhist topics of all kinds by authors from all over the world, and have introduced both the ancient Asian sages--60 of them so far--and more than 115 present day bhiksus, bhiksunis, and lay-people from all over the world.

It is our hope that Vajra Bodhi Sea will bring peace to all living beings, and be their nourishment along the path to ultimate liberation and the perfection of Buddhahood.