The Bodhi Mirror



      Bhiksuni I-ju was born in the late 1940’s into the Lan family and was given the personal name Yu-p’in. She is a native of the Pingtung District, Taiwan, Republic of China.

      She is the Florence Nightingale of the Academy at Buddha’s Light Mountain. When she enters her step is slow and relaxed. There is always a gentle smile on her lips and a faint smell of medicine always trails after her. Although she doesn’t go roaming in the night with Florence Nightingale’s candle, she is enthusiastic about the ancient path of compassion and pity. If your four elements become unbalanced and you get sick, and you request her aid, she will definitely respond, and as soon as she arrives with the medicine, your illness will surely disappear cured by her wonderful skill. Her personality is very lively. She can really sing and entertain, but she very rarely gets on the stage to perform.

      Bhiksuni I ju currently resides at Buddha’s Light Mountain in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


To the Monks of the Gold Mountain Monastery,

Many greetings! This is a belated thank you for the hospitality you showed me during my stay at Gold Mountain a few weeks ago.

Please accept my humble gratitude for the willingness, you showed to help me learn about Buddhism. I shall try to avoid talking too much about things that do not lend themselves to words very well, but the answers you have given to my questions about things which are not part of the everyday world, and about spirituality, have helped me very much. I will try to put the ideas from the Sutras, meditation methods, and mantras to good use.

Thank you once again.          

Sincerely yours,
James Haseltine