The Bodhi Mirror


      He was born to a farmer's family on January 18, 1944, in Kalantan State of Malaysia. He is a citizen of Malaysia. When he was eight years old, he entered elementary school. After he graduated he left his family for a Buddhist monastery in order to study the Thai language, Buddhism, and Pali.
      At 18 years of age, he became a novice and studied the Buddha's teachings in Malaysia for two years. In 1963 he left Malaysia for Bangkok, Thailand, for a higher education in Buddhism. He took up residence at Wat Paknam in Bhasichareon district. In 1966 he was ordained as a Buddhist monk by the Council of 25 Monks presided over by the Venerable Phra Rajavedi, the Lord Abbot of Wat Paknam.

While staying at Wat Paknam he was given a Buddhist fellowship by the Department of Religious Affairs of Thailand. He spent seven years in Bangkok studying Buddhism. In 1970 he returned to Malaysia to help his Master perform Buddhist Activities and to teach Buddhism to the people.

On May 25, 1972, under the support of the Venerable Phra Dharmakosacharn, the Head Master of the First Division of Buddhist Missionary Department of Thailand, he came to the United States to propagate Buddhism and to participate in the construction of Thai Temple. He has a very strong and vigorous resolve to fulfill his duties while staying at that Thai Temple.


A General Explanation of the Amitabha Sutra. An excellent introduction to Buddhism as a living practice. The most approachable and easiest of Buddhist cultivation methods--the "Pure Land" method of reciting the Buddha's name--is explained in the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua's direct and enlightening style. As especially attractive volume with photographs and line drawings. Paperbound, 204 pp. $10.00.