Pictorial Biography of the

Venerable Master


Continued from issue 356

Composed by the Venerable Master Hua
Illustrated by a student of Prajna
Translated by Disciple Bhiksu Heng Yo


From his twenty-eighth to his thirtieth years, the Master dwelt in a cliff-cave, gathering mountain grasses and herbs to satisfy his hunger. He did not partake of the cooked food of others. At the outset, a glorious state of being often appeared, and yet he did not become attached when he was in such a state. He properly and single-mindedly recited the Buddha's name. As the days passed, his body became lighter, and he was quite robust. It was as if he were flying when he walked. His hearing was acute and his eyes could clearly discern the most minute detail; the pupils of his eyes glowed so that when people saw him, they thought he was a goblin and took to their heels in fright.

The Gatha says:

Dwelling in a wilderness cave in a primitive way,
            His knowledge complete, his desires were few,
            --there was no wrangling.
            He did not speak, but saw his mind
            --how it arises and dwells.
            Roaming through the Triple World, 
            he drifted east and west.

To be continued