The Bodhi Mirror


      Prha Maha Leek Keovilay is a native of Laos, where he was born on August 9, 1946, in Phongsaly Province, the northeast region.  In 1958 he became a novice Buddhist monk at Wat Abay in Luangprabang after finishing primary school.  He was thirteen years old at the time. While he was a novice, he had studied in Phrapariyatidham school for six years, and then went on to further his education at the Institute of Buddhist I Studies in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. He spent four years studying in this Institute and successfully completed his formal study of Buddhism in his country. He was ordained as a monk in 1965 at Wat Phanluang in Luanprabang city.
      Although in the last decade the political and social situation in his country has been quite chaotic, he has had the good fortune to be able to live and study in Bangkok, Thailand for five years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities & Social Welfare from Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University.

After graduation from the University, he departed for the, United States on July 2nd, 1974. He was invited to reside at Wat Thai, the Theravada Buddhist Center in Los Angeles, California, and to participate in the religious activities there. Now, he is staying at Wat Thai and propagating Buddhism in the United States.


During the 1975 summer study and practice workshop the Venerable Abbot of Gold Mountain has consented to conduct a class once a week on the I Ching, "The Book of Changes."  The class will be held on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  For registration information contact Gold Mountain—early!