The Bodhi Lectern



      Upasaka Wu was born in China on December 29, 1924.  He attended Central University in Nanking and later did graduate work in Japan where he received a Masters degree in chemistry.  He has worked as a chemist in both Asia and the United States.
A widely read and very literate man, Upasaka Wu has an extensive range of literary talents.  He is currently an editor on the staff of the CHINESE TIMES, one of the largest and most widely read Chinese language dailies on the West coast, for which he writes a popular signed column.  

He is also an officer emeritus of the College of Chinese Culture with the rank of Professor.

Although he is a solid and practical man who recognizes the necessity of providing for life's material needs, he also has the kind of penetrating understanding of the material world that comes from wide experience, and realizes that value and meaning come not from material existence per se, but from ultimate spiritual truths.  He is a man who fulfills his commitments, takes responsibilities seriously, and shows careful filial respect for his parents and family.

Since reason and a straightforward practicality dominate his view of the universe around him, he has not been especially interested in non-ultimate religious doctrines, which make unsupportable claims about the way things are.  Upon examination, however, he did find the teachings of the Buddha to be sane and far-reaching.  In December 1973 he took refuge and became a disciple of the Venerable Master Hua and received the Dharma name Kuo Sung. Since then he has used his literary skills to write and edit articles about the Buddhadharma and has been an important contributor to the work of the Buddhist Text Translation Society by editing transcriptions of the Sutras and spoken commentaries and offering advice to the members of the Society.  He also serves in an editorial capacity on the staff of Vajra Bodhi Sea.