A General Explanation of the Vajra Prajna Paramita. Sutra by the Venerable Dhyana Master Hua as translated by Bhiksuni Heng Ch'ih will be available beginning the first week of December 1974. The pre-publication subscription rate will be good until the first of December 1974.

The tape recordings of Master Hua's lectures and talks are priceless Dharma treasures, each one spoken to accord with conditions, each one full of life and sparkle, and each one springing directly from the Master's enlightened wisdom and compassion. The Master lectures the Dharma entirely differently from any other living Dharma Master or scholar. He does not use commentaries, for commentaries are merely someone else's (be they however wise) comments on the Dharma. The Master speaks the Dharma from the self-nature, and to study the Master's teachings is to be led, surely and safely, back to that clear, pure source of enlightenment within us a11.

Therefore, the publishing of the Vajra Sutra is extremely important.   I in it, the Master cuts to the essence of the practice, revealing and elucidating as never before the fundamentals of prajna wisdom and Ch'an Meditation, the cultivation of which leads one simply, directly, and quickly to the realization of Buddhahood.

Many of the Master's disciples have participated in transcribing, translating, and editing the present volume in order that students of the Way everywhere may have the opportunity to benefit from the Master's compassionate instruction, in order that the Master's words might be preserved for those of future generations, as a guide, a reference, and a continual source of inspiration, and in order that the clouds of delusion might be blown away and the sun of our original Buddha nature shine throughout the universe.