By Upasaka Gwo Jen Clowery

Two pilgrims in the modern age like heroes of the past.

Who suffered for the sake of other men,

They bowed eleven hundred miles and walked the Middle Way

To show the world the Dharma lives again.


Praise the Bodhisattvas who left their homes to bow

From the Golden Gate to Marblemount on the power of their vows.

Be glad that in the modern age like holy men of old

They're climbing up a mountain made of gold.

They're climbing up a mountain made of gold.

A pair of Buddhist bhiksus on a search for world peace,

Their message touched the hearts of many men.

Ignorance and greed and all hostility will cease.

In the West the Buddhadharma lives again.


They bowed to save the living and they bowed to save the world;

They patiently endured the freezing rain)

They bowed and praised a holy name until their sound was heard.

In the West the true Dharma lives again.


Disciples of the Patriarch Dhyana Master Hua

Can bring about what others cannot do.

Cross the sea of suffering and subdue your crazy mind.

In the West the Buddhadharma speaks to you,


Last chorus: We're climbing up a mountain made of gold.

(To the tune of John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High.")



December 1st will be the last day for accepting orders at prepublication prices for the following works:

A General Explanation of the Buddha

Speaks of Amitabha Sutra

By Tripitaka Master Hua

A General Explanation of the Vajra

Prajna Paramita Sutra

By Dhyana Master Hua


The holidays listed below have been transposed from the Chinese lunar calendar to the solar calendar. It should be noted that the dates are good only for the current year since the lunar new year falls on a different day on the solar calendar each year.

October  29 Anniversary of the Great Master Ch'ang Chih's attainment of the Way.

October  30 Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua left the home life.

October  31 The Great Master Ch'ang Jen left the home life.

November  2 Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva's day of leaving home.

November 13 Medicine Master Buddha's birthday
November 18 Patriarch Bodhidharma's birthday
January   1 Amitabha Buddha's birthday
January  19 Sakyamuni Buddha's enlightenment
February 11 Maitreya Buddha's birthday