The Bodhi Mirror



      Dharma Master Liu Chi was born in 1927 in Canton, China. He left home in 1947, when he was twenty-years old, and later attended the Hua Nan Buddhist Studies Academy from which he graduated in 1955. In 1957 he received the complete precepts from the Venerable Master Ta Ting at Pao Hua Shan in Nanking, Kiangsu.

Not long after he traveled to Hong Kong, where he is currently Abbot of Tung Po Thor Monastery at Twuen Wan in the New Territories. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association, the Hong Kong Buddhist Sangha Association, and the Hong Kong Buddhist College. He actively supports and participates in the management of other Buddhist schools and hospitals in Hong Kong.

Dharma Master Liu Chi has traveled in Asia and in the United States to look into the development of Buddhism in other areas of the world. He recently visited Gold Mountain Monastery in San Francisco during a tour of the United States.

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