By Heng Yin

I. Five years a-go I was wor-ried as could be-------;

   Afraid that San Fran-cis-co would fall in-to the sea;

   Then my tea—cher smiled & he said to me-----:

Chorus: "I won’t let the earth quake. I won’t let the earth shake.

         I won’t let you down make no mis-take

         I won’t let the earth quake."

II. Sure enough five years have passed and we're still here

    Hardly a tremor to cause us fear.

    Scientists and researchers are puzzled when they hear

    What to the students of the Dharma, is perfectly clear:

Chorus: He won't let the earth quake. He won't let the earth shake.

         He won't let us down, make no mistake. He won't let the earth quake.


If you have enjoyed the Pure Land Dharma Talks found in each issue of Vajra Bodhi Sea (see page 15), you will be happy to learn that these lectures have been collected and published by the Sino-American Buddhist Association. Since this set of lectures is now contained in book form, it will be discontinued with this issue. The series "Dharma Talks," however, will be continued in the next issue with instructional talks delivered by the Venerable Master during a Kuan Yin Recitation Session in 1970.

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