The Bodhi Mirror



      This Dharma Master was born to the Tsung family and given the personal name Kwok-yuen, in Kwangchow, China, on May 18, 1952. Because of his good roots and keen intelligence, he was able to meet a good teacher and leave the home life at the young age of fourteen. This is especially rare considering the fact that very few men leave the home life in China, and the Buddhadharma is in serious decline in Asia. On the anniversary of the birth of Sakyamuni in 1966 he left the home life under the Elder Master Mao Feng at Tung Po Temple in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He then continued his studies at the Buddhist Tai Kwong Middle School (equivalent of High School in the United States') from which he graduated in 1972. At the present time he holds a unique position in the cross cultural exchange that is carrying Buddhism to Western nations as the first Chinese monk to pursue a course of study in an American College. In the fall of 1974 he will enter his second year of study at Vincennes University in Indiana.

About his study of the Buddhadharma he has said, "The philosophy of the Buddha has broadened my view of life and the universe, and I vow to devote my life to studying and propagating it. It is my deep wish to revolutionize Buddhist methodology to meet the modern world so that people can be brought to understand it."

During the early summer this year Dharma Master Liu Kwok had the opportunity to travel with his classmate, Dharma Master Liu Ng, by bus from Indiana to San Francisco where he spent ten days in residence at Gold Mountain, joining the Avatamsaka Assembly and the spring quarter training period. They are currently residing at Bodhi House, Long Island, and will return from there to Vincennes in August.