The Bodhi Lectern


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Dr. Christopher S. George was born in January 1941, in Massachusetts. He has studied both in the United States and abroad, receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University and a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. He has studied overseas in India and Nepal.

      Dr. George is an active scholar and translator of Buddhist texts; his works include translations of the Candamaharosana Tantra and the Cittavisuddhiprakarana Tantra. He has published articles in journals and magazines in the United States and abroad, including both articles and reviews in the Journal of Asian Studies. He is proficient in Classical Tibetan and Buddhist Sanskrit as well as Nepali, French, German, and spoken Tibetan.

      In addition to teaching at the University of Pennsylvania for the past four years, where he has given courses in Buddhist Sanskrit, Classical Tibetan, and Buddhism, he has joined the work of the Institute for Advanced Studies of World Religions where he specializes in research and is an expert on the application of the latest technological methods to the field of Buddhist Studies. He has also been translating Buddhist Texts under the auspices of IASWR, and is participating in work sponsored by the Institute, which aims at compiling and publishing a new multilingual Buddhist dictionary.

      Dr. George is currently Assistant Director of Research for the Institute for Advanced Studies of World Religions. He resides with his wife Lisa and their daughter in New York City at 670 West End Avenue.


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