continued from issue #50

10-17-73 Proceeded into Sausalito facing heavy traffic during the morning rush hour traffic on its way to work in SF. Heng Ju stopped & sewed some kneepads on his pants. Shortly after we met an old lady who said that the Buddha was dead, a dog came up, circled Heng Ju & cried a bit as if deeply ashamed of all the dog-like things he had done to warrant a dog's body, and then left. Later Kuo Jung, Kuo Han, Kuo T'ang Yager and Kuo Chih came by with a hot Chinese lunch which we all ate in the municipal city parking lot.

We have decided to take Panoramic Highway as the less dangerous road.  Our bodies seem to be slowly acclimating themselves, but once when I was sitting down resting, someone went by & said, "DON'T STOP! Get going:" WHAT BODHISATTVA WAS THAT? Picked some wild blackberries. Lots of people looking, staring, some chuckling, but afraid to ask. We made it to 1/2 mile of Tamalpais Junction--about 5 miles of bowing today, a good pace to try to keep up at present. Made camp by the roadside, had tea, sat in dhyana, slept. Upon reaching outskirts of Sausalito a cold fog had set in. Could see breath @ 4:30 PM.

10-18-73- Rose after wet night, left camp & got water at Tamalpais Valley Jet. Heng Ju weighed 170lbs @ departure from GMM and Heng Yo weighed 148.  Heng Yo said he needed new pants due to 2 or 5 irreparable rips which kept getting bigger, so his pants were about to fall off leaving the lower half of his body naked. Right after he spoke at turn of next corner, pair of pants was lying in roadside, waiting to be worn, exactly the right size.

Lunched on Route 1, 1/2 mile from Panoramic Highway. Police have been driving by often, w/o giving a second or prolonged look. Proceeded with minor incidents to a point l 1/2 mi. down Panoramic Highway, a total of six miles today. Made camp in a secluded area, found luckily among some cedars. Many people gaping & gawking w/seemingly blown minds. Can see them thinking "What weird people they are!" They don't understand because the deep and subtle practices of the Buddhadharma are very new to the West.

10-17-73 - Got an early start after some wild raspberry tea. Heng Ju bowed ahead while Heng Yo packed up camp in the early morning dark. Slow going, uphill & gravel. Spoke briefly to a road worker who seemed to be moved.   When Kuo Jung was coming to offer lunch & asked one of road crew "Have you seen 2 monks?" The black man answered, "They just went down the road prayin'." We left & passed turnoff to Mt. Tarn by about 3/4 mi. so. 5 1/4 to Stinson Beach to go. Made camp after gathering acorns & huckleberries.  Slight rain, made fire anyway.

10-20-73-Rain, Rain, Rain. Last night there was water everywhere: Not much sleep-everything wet. Left camp packed wet things. 1 mile from Stinson Beach, Kuo Yu & daughter Kuo Ch'ing came by w/lunch. Passed through Stinson Beach where the town clown yelled @ Heng Ju "Hey you clown, get lost!" A bunch of people on a porch were totally perplexed by Heng Ju's manner of locomotion. Got water & made camp high on hill overlooking Pacific under a cow-field tree.

10-21-75-Incredibly windy but somewhat dry evening. Early start before light--broke camp in pitch black. RAIN::: RAIN::: Messy & slow wet progress. Kuo Tun came w/hot water & lunch. Highway Patrol told Heng Ju to please move off highway. Seems as if Sheriff & Highway Patrol are keeping close tabs on us.  Camped on private land h mile past Bolinas road, off route 1.