The Bodhi Mirror



      Dharma Master I Hsiu was born in Malaysia, into the Cheng family, and was given the personal name Hsiu-chen. She attended the Eastern Buddhist Academy in Kaohsiung and during her years of study there she was known and respectfully addressed by all her classmates as "elder sister." Her face is round and full, and her nature tolerant and easy going; her words when conversing with others are always honest, straightforward, and sincere. When walking her gait is calm, firm, and careful; when she works, she is always efficient and capable of leading others to obtain excellent results.

Her specialty is the field of foreign languages, particularly English, which she writes extremely well. Her capacity is such that she was able to hold several positions at one time at the Academy and among her many duties she served as the head of the Overseas Department of the Buddhist Culture Service,

and supervisory manager of correspondence, which includes the local postal service.

      Whenever her classmates did not follow her instructions she was accustomed to saying in a firm tone, "If you don't listen to your elder sister, you'll take a loss and be sorry."

Dharma Master I Hsiu graduated from the Eastern Buddhist Academy, Buddha's Light Mountain, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China, in June, 1971, at the age of thirty. She currently resides at the Malayan Buddhist Society, 197, 3 3/4-Miles Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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