On several occasions over the past several years in the Jeweled Hall of the Great Heroes, Bhiksu Heng Ju has made the following vows before the Great Assembly at Gold Mountain Monastery:

1. I vow never to become involved with women so that I might cultivate the unsurpassed Way.

2. I vow to eat only one meal a day.

3. I vow to become a bhiksu in every life.

4. I vow to take the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua as my teacher in every life.

5. I vow to make progress in the Way every day.

      6. Seeking for a peaceful world, I vow to bow once every three steps to all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions, starting at Gold Mountain Monastery in San Francisco, California, and finishing in Marblemount, Washington.

      In order to aid Dharma Master Heng Ju on his pilgrimage, Bhiksu Heng Yo has made the following vows:

1. To carry and be responsible for supplies and equipment.

2. To take care of worldly affairs in order to let Heng Ju bow uninterruptedly.

      3. To bow whenever I have a chance.

Amitabha Buddha

Two bhiksus knelt for five hours before the Venerable Master to invite this image of the Buddha Amitabha to go with them, but it didnít go.