10-16-73: Several Weeks prior to this date Dharma Master Heng Ju traversed San Francisco, making a full prostration every third step. Today the four-fold assembly of Bhiksus, Bhiksunis, Upasakas, and Upasikas sent us off to finish the journey to Marbelmount, Washington. We started from the exact point at which Heng Ju previously stopped. The Great Compassion Mantra was recited 21 times followed by the Ten Small Mantras. Everyone circumambulated Heng Ju and I as they recited and he bowed along. Even the geese seemed to join in the recitation. After everyone left, I walked up past Heng Ju about 100 yards and bowed while waiting for Heng Ju to pass me by about 100 yards. In this way both of us bow.

Upon reaching the Golden Gate Bridge a Bridge official told Heng Ju that he would be busted if he "did that" across the bridge. He could walk across or turn back. "How does that grab you?" he said.

The four-fold assembly circumambulates Bhiksu Heng Ju and Bhiksu Heng Yo as they begin their journey.
      Heng Ju recalled the Venerable Master's admonition about fighting, bowed several thousand times in one place on the south side of the bridge, and then walked across. After following us in his truck across most of the bridge, the official was waiting for us on the other side, but despite all of his bristling authority, he was angry that someone had defeated him so easily; the best weapon: acquiescence. Heng Ju had a startling thought on the bridge--the Venerable Master has said that he would cross it in one thought--and lo and behold! He did: We made camp right next to the highway in a secluded area.

And in the newspapers during their first ten days out...

October 25, 1973        Ten Cents
This is the first of hundreds upon hundreds of news articles written about Bhiksus Heng Ju and Heng Yo during their remarkable trek on which Heng Ju will bow more than two million times.

On the road to peace

Dharma Master Heng Ju, a Buddhist Bhiksu (monk) from a monastery in San Francisco, will he a familiar sight to Highway One motorists from Point Reyes Station to Tomales these next few weeks. The young convert, photographed here by Lee Sims in the Olema Valley near the Highway Maintenance Station on Tuesday, is travelling by foot to Seattle. Every three steps he takes he makes a full bow on his hands and knees "in hopes that I might evince a response from Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Devas, so that they will prevent violence and fighting and protect and maintain pence in the world." The monk is accompanied by his companion Heng Yo. The two carry no food and subsist on aid from disciples and good samaritans along the road. The two are averaging five miles a day and expect their trip to take up to a year.