Dharma Talks

December 12, 1972
Day #5.

Continued from issue 46

Time passes quickly and we are already into the fifth day. How is your skill in reciting the Buddha's name developing? Today two people came to ask for instruction. What did they want to discuss? Perhaps they were coming to report that they had obtained the Buddha Recitation Samadhi: Because the Dharma door of reciting the Buddha's name is open, they can bring up their questions now if they wish to and allow everyone to examine them.

It is the custom in Buddhism that a person gone forth from the home life who seeks instruction must first put on his ceremonial robe and sash, go before the Master, bow three times, kneel on both knees, join his palms respectfully, and then ask his question. A layman who has received precepts must do likewise. A layman who has not received precepts may or may not observe this tradition. When these ceremonies have been performed the Master will then give instruction and answer questions.

Today, when those seeking instruction arrived, I was busy and didn't have time to speak to them. If they don't wish to express their questions publicly now, they can come again tomorrow after 2:30 and I will talk with them.

When people recite the Buddha's name they occasionally see light, sometimes see the Buddha, and sometimes see ghosts or spirits. There are both good and bad states which arise. What state have all of you experienced?  Bring them up and we'll investigate them.

Kuo Hu, have you experienced any states?

Kuo Hu: (Bhiksu Heng Shoou, a diligent cultivator who led a party of novice monks that was ordained at Taichung, Republic of China in the fall of 1971, has had remarkable responses from his cultivation and has gained some use of the five eyes. He has had unusual responses during many cultivation sessions, which explains the Master's peculiar questions. He is currently concentrating on a study of the Teaching School.) None.

Can you descend to the hells?
Kuo Hu: Yes.
Can you ascend into the heavens?
Kuo Hu: Yes.
Then you can become God Almighty!
Kuo Hu: I am seeking rebirth in the Western Land.
That's a good desire, especially since there are no women in the Pure Land.