8Closed in the Room, Recording the Peace
Restraining my common mind with tightly-bound seclusion,
In the midst of noise there’s a peace, like deep in the mountains.
Every last false thought totally cast away,
My heart is like a solitary swan,
Leisurely as the white crane.

9Upon Reflection
Sixty-seven years gone by in a dream;
Not one thing accomplished.
What a waste!
Today’s ‘rights’ and yesterday’s ‘wrongs,’ suddenly understood,
All I can do is single-mindedly recite Amitabha’s name.

Composed by Upasika Hsieh Ping-ying
Translated by Bhiksuni Heng Ch’ih



On July 20th, 1974, the Bodhi-Dhamma Center of Seattle (8603 - 39th Avenue, S.W. Tel. 932-1155) and the Sino-American Buddhist Association will jointly sponsor a Gathering for World Peace at Seward Park Amphitheater in Seattle. Bhiksus Heng Ju and Heng Yo will have arrived in the Seattle area, having completed the major part of their journey for world peace. They have bowed once every three steps for more than 1,000 of their 1,100-mile trek, through one of the bitterest winters the West Coast has seen in years. The Gathering for World Peace is being held to join them in their deep and concentrated wish for peace throughout the entire Dharma-realm.

The Gathering will begin at 9:30 AM on Saturday morning, July 20th. A vegetarian lunch of Arhat vegetables will be provided for all those who attend the morning prayers and chanting. In the afternoon there will be music, and speeches and other festivities as well as prayers for peace. All are welcome to attend. All the day's events are, of course, non-sectarian, and free.