also "repeated." Each of the two brothers was born by the side of the road, inasmuch as both times their mother was returning to her parents' home for their delivery she was too late. Suddhipanthaka is therefore sometimes translated as "Following Road,"7 partly be­cause he followed (came after ) his elder brother "Road" (Panthaka), partly because his mother was following (continuing on) the road when he was born, and partly because she had followed (repeated) her previous course (road) of action, and it followed (consequently) that he too was born by the side of the road.

1 chou li p'an t'o ch'ieh.
2 hsiao lu pien.      
3 ta lu pien.
4 lam-chen bstan; lam-phran bstan.
5 There is of course the Vedic pantha (masculine).
6 See also Sanskrit ksulla, "little," originally a Prakrit form.
7 chi tao.