The Bodhi Mirror



In issue number twenty-four (March, Mahayana 2999) Upasaka Foorman was introduced to Vajra Bodhi Sea readers. After several years of sincere cultivation and devoted efforts on behalf of Buddhism, during which time he took profound account of the opportunity of human life and deeply investigated things, he seriously met his worldly obligations and decided to leave the home life, cultivate the Way, realize enlightenment, and repay the kindness and care shown him by his parents and relatives. On November 27th, 1973, his request was accepted and he was received into the Sangha at Gold Mountain, had his head shaved, and received the ten novice precepts.

His purpose and understanding can best be described in his own words:

"In the world now there is no end of sickness and fighting. By making VMS and entering the Sangha one son subdue the 84,000 demons and put an end to all suffering. If yon are lucky you can find a Bright-Eyed Old Master who will instruct you in this transformation. Here at Gold Mountain the Way can be attained because the teaching is transmitted.

      "Before I had left the home life, outside the Way, I found that the ways of people were not conductive to the healthy happy state which they desire. Why is this? They are, in effect, transformed by their desire. They follow greed, and give vent to anger, causing themselves to be inhibited, and their wisdom hidden. With their ignorance thus increased, people follow greed and follow hatred to the peaks of selfishness witnessed today in our lonely crime-ridden cities and chaotic war-torn continents.

      "Entering a monastery, a field of enlightenment, one can learn to leave the most subtle forms of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, and the use of intoxicants. One best makes this study by making vows abstaining from just such offenses. This is the way to cultivate the Way, and is very difficult. Finding an excellent teacher, to begin with, requires a history of excellent cultivation in past lives, and a great many blessings. At Gold Mountain all who sincerely desire to cultivate the Way to complete enlightenment are accepted. Only the vast treasury of the Buddha’s Sutras and methods remain to be examined and practiced.

"As greed and anger are left behind, one can transcend the world without leaving the world, and once free from affiliation and suffering, a carefree attitude can be realized. As happiness is cultivated so can wisdom and virtue likewise be attained, and the Way caused to flourish."