Words and music by Upasika Kuo Chin Vickers


1. If you follow your desires, I’ll tell you where you’ll go:

You’ll be ending up on Number One Affliction Row.

Number One Affliction Row, there is no number two;

Suffering is limitless; be careful what you do.

2. All the poisons in the world will just boil down to three:

One is greed and two is hate and three, stupidity.


3. Greedy people like to take and do not like to give.

Once you taste this poison then you have not long to live.


4. When you hate you only find that you, yourself, are bound.

Hate and vengeance are what make the vicious circle round.


5. Stupid people like to think they’re right when they are wrong.

Don’t they know that they’ll soon go to join the animal family?


Buddha's Birthday

The Sino-American Buddhist Association, Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery, and the Vajra Bodhi Sea Publication Society will sponsor the Buddha's Birthday Celebration this year, and cordially invite all Buddhists to attend the anniversary of the birth of our original teacher, Sakyamuni Buddha. The holiday falls on Monday, April 29th this year and the major celebrations and ceremonies will take place on Sunday, April 28th.