The Bodhi Lectern



      Richard S.Y. Chi was born in August 1918, in Peking, China. He studied both in China and abroad, and received a Bachelor of Science degree from Nankai University, a. Ph.D. from Cambridge, England, and an M.A. and-D. Phil from Oxford.

Dr. Chi is a noted Buddhist Scholar who has published important works and is an active translator of Buddhist Texts. Some of his works include Buddhist Formal Logic, and Bodhidharma's Record.

      Recently he has participated in work sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Studies of World Religions, which aims at compiling and publishing a new multilingual Buddhist dictionary for use by scholars and students. He is also translating Buddhist Texts under the auspicious of the IASWR.

Dr. Chi has studied Buddhism for about twenty years, some of that time with the Master Chen K’ung, his teacher, under whom he became a student of the Buddhadharma. He has been a Lecturer at both Oxford and Cambridge, where he spoke on Buddhism, and is currently a Professor at Indiana University where he teaches literature (Buddhist) Philosophy. He resides in Bloomington, Indiana.


      On its fifth anniversary of publication, Vajra Bodhi Sea will publish a special commemorative edition. This issue, scheduled for the spring of 1975, will be twice the size of a regular issue. It will contain articles, stories, translations, poems, biographies, and other items of interest from all over the world.

      Contributions to this issue are welcome. Members of the Sangha, laymen, scholars, adepts, and students are encouraged to contribute. Any material of interest to students of the Buddhadharma will be considered. It should be submitted prior to November 15th, 1974.