Continued from issue 44

Continuing from issue #44 are poems, three, four, and five in a series of ten written by Professor Hsieh Ping-ying during her seclusion at Gold Mountain.

Translated by Bhiksuni Heng Yin

Recollecting the Buddha

Wondrous beyond compare, the Buddha's Dharma has no limit;

Human life in this world is but a mote of dust.

If one can always recollect 'Amitabha Buddha.'

Afflictions melt away, and one gains liberation.


Thus, thus unmoving is the clear, pure heart

Which the seven emotions do not dare invade.

Clear your mind, see your nature, investigate Ch'an, and awaken:

Mindful of the Buddha, what need is there to seek outside?

Vow of Silence

Entering seclusion is no ordinary matter

"Tho I have a mouth it's hard to speak, as if I were deaf and dumb.

With one heart I seek only to be born in the West.