Words and music by Bhiksuni Heng Yin

Verse I.

Amitabha Buddha in the causal ground was a Bhiksu named Fa Tsang

He made 48 vows, and every vow he made was to take living beings along

To the Western Land, where the livins’ grand and the people have no pain

And don’t you know that you can go if you just keep reciting his name.


Verse II.

Of the colors of the mountains, none are not his vast long tongue

In the sparklin’ streams and the forests green his compassionate song is sung

The water flows, the wind blows—whisperin’ his name

And he takes you by the hand to the Happy Land you’ll be so glad you came.

Continuing from the last issue (43), here is another song in praise of the Buddha. Music and 

chorus on page 41.

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Begin on Sunday, December ninth with a week of mindfulness of the name of Amitabha Buddha. The first session will begin at seven o'clock in the evening following the celebration of Amitabha's birthday, and will continue through Sunday, December 16th each day from four in the morning until ten in the evening. The session will consist of reciting and meditating on the name of Amitabha.

The second session will begin at seven o'clock on Saturday evening, December 22nd, and will continue every day from 2:45 in the morning until midnight for fourteen days. This session will consist solely of dhyana meditation.