Composed by Upasika Kuo Chin Vickers


3-The Bodhisattvas have built a boat,

It's on the wide sea that it's afloat.

It sails by night and it sails by day,

Helping all the beings who drift astray.

4.Above the waves shines the Dharma sun,

  Revealing myriad forms as one.

  And it is seen in a brilliant beam

  That existence is but an empty dream.

5.The Buddha's wisdom is like the sky--

  Don't know how vast, don't know how high.

  Without a cloud it is pure and clear;

  To the Buddha we should soon draw near.

Buddhist Calendar

CORRECTIONS. Previously published Buddhist calendars have incorrectly stated the anniversary of Medicine Master Buddha's and Patriarch Bodhidharma's birthdays. This year they fall on October 25th and October 30th respectively.


On October 14th, 1973, the International Institute for the Translation of Buddhist Texts, located at 3636 Washington Street in San Francisco, was formally opened. The Institute is dedicated to training translators who will bring the entire Tripitaka, the Buddhist canon, into English and other Western languages. A detailed account of the opening will appear in November's issue of Vajra Bodhi Sea.

On the front cover of this issue is a photograph of the Bodhisattva with a Thousand Hands and a Thousand Eyes Who Contemplates the Sounds of the World. Seated on a lotus throne, the Bodhisattva presides over the Buddha Hall at the International Institute for the Translation of Buddhist Texts. Its spiritual essence was activated during the Institute's opening ceremonies.