A pictorial biography of the
Venerable Master


--Continued from issue 39

Composed by the Venerable Tripitaka Master Hua
Translated by Disciple Bhiksu Heng Yo
Illustrated by a Student of Prajna


In the second lunar month of the first year of the Hsien Feng reign period,2 the Master's father went to Taiwan to transact some business; he was accompanied by the Master. They boarded a small ocean-going vessel and sailed into the open sea where they soon encountered a monstrous whale, which looked as broad as a mountain as it was more than a half a mile in length. Everyone on board became alarmed and all together they began to recite the name of the greatly compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. In a short time the whale sank into the depths.

The Gatha says:

If the dragons of heaven make obeisance, there is nothing to delight in,

How much more is a giant whale, which submits just a common affair.

Foolish people do not know, and think of this as strange,

While those who understand have eyes, and tap the Dharma's source.

1Two meanings of the word chia come through in this

title, l) a vehicle is the "Dharma boat" and 2) a yoke,

with the idea of yoking or controlling.

^t . 1851.