The Ten Dharma Realms are not beyond a single thought

--Composed by the venerable High Master Hua
--Translated by Disciple Bhiksuni Heng Ch’ih

     Animals eagerly feed on greed,
     Never repulsed by too much.
     Since they recognize black as white,
     They're unable to tell what's wrong from what's right.


If you wish to, you can enter the seven Dharma-realms already discussed to try them out, and can 90 there to put on a play, but you shouldn't play around with the three evil ones. If you try these out you may not be able to escape. It is said that after one life in a human body 10,000 aeons may pass before this form is obtained again. Playing around with the Three Evil Destinies can be very dangerous.

There are billions of animals, an infinite variety, flying, crawling, swimming, and walking, those on land and those in the sky. There are millions of land animals ranging from small rodents through cows, horses, deer and bears to the mighty elephant. In the water are sea lions, sea horses and a myriad variety of swimming creatures.

Even those with Ph.D.'s in zoology, biology, and related fields who do extensive and continual research, have no way to ascertain the total number of animal species in world. If they know a 1000, they don't know the 1001st.   If they know the 1001st, they don't know the 1002nd. If someone claims to know them all, how can they be certain someone doesn't know more than they do? It is impossible to be sure. Not even all animals, just the number of kinds of worms would be hard to determine. When looked at like this, it is easy to see that this world is multi-layered and infinite, infinite and multi-layered.

Animals eagerly feed on greed. Beings become animals as a result of one thing: greed. For them, no matter what it is the more the better. A little won't do and they are never repulsed by too much. Because they never get tired of more, they recognize black as white, and have no conceptions we would consider reasonable, even to the point that they are greedy for excrement. The more shit a dog eats the better it likes it, while people wonder how he can eat such filth. This is an example of taking black as white: they delight in something, which is basically unpleasant. Their greed even extends to a desire for more sickness so they can take more medicine.

They're unable to tell what's wrong from what's right. Animals lack the ability to reason. How did they get this way? Simply through greed. They become muddled and ignorance envelops them so that they become totally oblivious to anything rational. Take heed and don't be greedy. People who have left the home life should not be greedy for money, but some say, "The more the better!" Such greed puts you in grave danger, and it is easy to become an animal as a result. 

"People who have left the home life can't fail," you say.

If you don't cultivate according to the Buddha's precepts you will fall even faster. The ancients have a saying, "The majority of those standing at the gates of hell are Buddhists and Taoists." All the old Taoists and Buddhists monks who were greedy are waiting at the door of hell saying "Quick! Send me to hell. Hurry up and let me come in." Once they enter it's a lot of fun inside! They think hell will provide good entertainment so they wish to go there, but once they arrive they realize it is no game.

(To be continued)

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