The Bodhi Mirror

Bhiksu Kuo Ju was born in the early 1950's in Taoyuan, Taiwan, in the Republic of China. His father's family name was Lo, and he was given the personal name Huo-wang. Short in stature, he is an intelligent and widely read man with great spirit. Even though still in his youth, his insight is so penetrating that he immediately understands everything he reads. He carefully cultivates the Vinaya, and maintains the awesome demeanor in all of the four deportments.

He can be characterized as one who is magnanimous and forgiving, clear and open in all his thoughts and activities, and easy-going by nature. He is quiet, but when he does speak his words are meaningful and expressive. He has a pleasant humor, and his speech is punctuated by musical laughter, which wakes people up and cuts through their thoughts and fantasies.

Bhiksu Kuo Ju's earnest and dedicated work places him squarely in the Chinese tradition, a descendent of China's full cultural heritage.