A pictorial biography of the 
Venerable Master

Composed by the Venerable Tripitaka Master Hua
Translated by Disciple Bhiksu Heng Yo
Illustrated by a Student of Prajna

Continued from issue 35

Transferred to Assistant Prefecture in the 
Chuan Chou Government #4

The following year, because of his outstanding achievements in government service, because he completely fulfilled his duties, because he was incorruptible and quick-witted, and because he brought happiness to the common people, the Master's father was promoted and transferred to Ch'uan Chou where he became the assistant to the Prefect. Profoundly understanding popular sentiments, he instilled virtue in living beings. He taught and practiced both the worldly and sublime, tapping his strength to undertake endeavors beneficial to society. He was not fond of empty talk, and although he worked within the sphere of fame and profit, he was not in the least turned or motivated by them. He was truly a remarkable person.

The Gatha says:
            Afloat on the sea of politics, how can it all be told,
            In honor or shame, profit or fame, he bore the shifts and changes.
                        At sea or in the mulberry grove, wherever he was found.
                        How could historical records and annals document it all?

-To be continued-