The Bodhi Mirror


Translated from the Chinese by Upasaka I Kuo Jung.

Bhiksuni Hung Chih was born in the city of Foochow in the Fukien province of China. In her youth after graduating from high school, she vowed to resolve her heart upon going forth from the home life, and in 1942 at Great Awakening Monastery in Foochow, having been accepted by the Venerable Bhiksuni Fo Ming as her master, she shaved her head. In 1944 she went to Bubbling Spring Dhyana Monastery on Ku Mountain where under the supervision of the Precept Hoshang the Venerable Hsu Yun she received full ordination.

      In the spring of 1949 she left Foochow to attend the Chinese Institute for the Study of National Medicine, in Hong Kong where she diligently studied medicine for many years. Afterwards in Hong Kong she established two centers of the Buddhist Che Chi (Compassionate Aid) Free Clinic of Chinese Herbal Medicine, at which free medical care and medicines are given daily to aid the poor and suffering sick, both old and young.

She also established the Committee for Compassionate Good Deeds, which donates food, expense money, tuition, and caskets to widows, widowers, orphans and shut-ins. This organization has continued for ten years to the present time thanks to the fortunate assistance of those of great virtue and good faith, both in China and abroad, who have personally aided this undertaking.


Calendar of Buddhist Holidays for the year 3000 (C.E. 1973)

March 12 Sakyamuni Buddha left the home life

      19 Anniversary of Sakyamuni Buddha’s Nirvana

      23 Birthday of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva

      25 Birthday of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva

April 17 Birthday of the Great Master Ch’ang Jen

      18 Birthday of Cundi Bodhisattva-Birthday of the Venerable Master Hua

      19 The Great Master Ch’ang Chih left the home life.

May   6 Birthday of Manjusri Bodhisattva.

      10 Birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha.

      30 Birthday of Medicine Master Bodhisattva.

June  13 Birthday of Ch’ieh Lan Bodhisattva.

July  2 Birthday of Wei T’ou Bodhisattva.

      14 The Great Master Ch’ang Jen’s Enlightenment.

      16 The Great Master Ch’ang Chih’s Birthday.

      18 Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva’s Enlightenment.