The Bodhi Lectern


--By Bhiksu Heng Kuan


      Upasaka Yu Shau Shing has studied and propagated the Buddhadharma for over ten years. As a prominent Buddhist in a nation which will play an increasingly major roll in world events in the future, his position is an important one, for as Brazil becomes one of the world's important powers, the ethics of Buddhism will help reinforce this country's position as a nation devoted to peace and the well-being of mankind.
      Upasaka Yu's cultivation of the Buddhadharma has served him well. Many Buddhist adepts never find themselves in dangerous situations, and throughout their lives are unaware of the shield of protection the Bodhisattvas, Dharma protectors, and spirits throw up around them. One event in particular in Upasaka Yus life illustrates this incredible but rarely seen power available to one who is a sincere Buddhist. In the late sixties a passenger jet crashed and plowed through a village during its approach from the west to the Taipei International Airport. As the plane ripped through the village it killed and maimed many people, and the plane itself was demolished. When the wreckage was sorted out it was found that Upasaka Yu, a passenger on that flight, was the sole survivor.
Upasaka Yu has visited Gold Mountain on several occasions to pay his respects to the Venerable Abbot on his tours of this country from his home in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He is presently in Hong Kong on business, but he will be returning to Brazil to continue his work and aim at solidifying the establishment of the Buddhadharma in South America. As prominent a businessman and active a Dharma protector as Upasaka Yu is, there is no doubt that he will succeed.


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