Vegetables For A Long Life

--By Kuo Chin Imbiow

      If you ever cook too much rice and the thought of eating it for a week tempts you to get rid of it, please don't. Here are some things you might do with leftover rice.

Fried Rice

Cold rice
Sesame oil
Grated carrots
daikon radish
soy sauce

roasted sunflower seeds


Heat oil in a pan, add a few shreds of ginger, then add chopped cabbage, slices of radish, and grated carrots. Cook until vegetables are soft, add rice. Break up the lumps. Add soy sauce. Cook about 10 minutes; garnish with the sunflower seeds and parsley.

Rice Croquettes

Leftover rice
Whole-wheat flour 
Sesame oil
sea salt
sesame seeds
Mix rice, whole-wheat flour, salt and some sesame seeds. Shape into patties, dip into some whole-wheat flour and fry until crisp on both sides. Vegetables can be added before you make the patties. Try any other variations you can think of. 

Rice Muffins

Leftover rice 
Whole-wheat flour
(Or any other kind)
Grated carrots or chopped apples
(Or both)

sea salt

sunflower seeds
or walnuts

Mix all ingredients, fill oiled muffin tins and bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes or until they hold their shape and are browned.

Increase Your Wisdom and Concentration Power

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February third is the first day of the Chinese lunar New Year.


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