The Bodhi Mirror

Introducing the Eminent Dharma Master


      Dharma Master Miao Hua(), who is also known as Ching Ch’ing

(), is a native of Fukien Province, China. He left the home life when he was thirteen years old. After training as a novice, he received the complete precepts of the bhiksu at Fukien’s Ch’ang Ch’ing Dhyana Monastery. 
His Precept Master was the Venerable Yung Hsin.

      Not long after he had received the full ordination, civil discord intensified on the mainland. In 1946, when he was twenty-one, he left China and traveled to Vietnam to propagate the Dharma. He has remained there ever since, working to benefit living beings in a country that has been devastated by war.

      Dharma Master Miao Hua visited Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery in September 1971, as a member of a group representing the Chinese Buddhist Association at the opening of Mahayana Temple in South Cairo, New York. The Sino-American Buddhist Association was pleased to have the opportunity to welcome the Dharma Master during his stay in San Francisco.