Vegetables For A Long Life

                                     --By Upasika Kuo Chin Imbiow


Here are some incredibly sweet things made without either sugar or honey.

Peach Crisp


Peaches                              Whole-wheat flour

Lemon                                Corn oil (or safflower

Rolled oats                          Salt and cinnamon

Cut up peaches and put them in a long baking dish. Grate some lesson peel and scatter over the peaches along with some lemon juice. Combine equal parts flour and rolled oats, a small amount of salt, and the oil. Add cinnamon, crumble on top of the peaches. Bake 350 degrees about 30 minutes.


  Carrot Pudding

Carrots                              Salt

Raisins                              Nutmeg and cinnamon

Water (or apple juice)               Cashews, roasted

Corn oil

Cut up carrots and sauté them in small amount of oil, sprinkling with salt to bring out the sweetness (yang attracts yin) about 10 minutes. Add water or juice to cover, and raisins. Cook until carrots are tender, blend, and put in dessert cups, top with cashews, nutmeg and cinnamon. Chill.


      Apricot Prune Pie

Pastry dough                         lemon peel

Dried apricots and prunes            walnuts (optional)


Line pie plate with half the dough. Combine equal amounts of apricots and prunes in a small amount of water, bring to boil and cover. Turn off heat and let stand about 15 minutes. Remove pits and mash together slightly, add chopped walnuts, and pour into pie plate. Sprinkle with lemon peel and a bit of salt. Make strips of the remaining dough and criss cross the top of the pie, making a lattice work effect. Bake in a medium oven about 1/2 hour.