The Bodhi Mirror


Introducing the Eminent Bhiksuni DHARMA MASTER CHIAO AN


wpe18.gif (23273 bytes)Bhiksuni Chiao An was born in Chung Shan, Canton,in December, 19247 and 

left the home life there at Hung Fa Temple under the Master Kuan Pen. After traveling to Hong Kong during the mid-forties, she took the Complete Precepts of the Thousand Buddhas and became a bhiksuni on Ta Yd Mountain on Lantau Island, the site of many famous temples located in Hong Kong Harbor. She received the precepts at Pao Lien Temple from Precept Master Fa K'o.

           A diligent student and teacher of the Buddhadharma, Bhiksuni Chiao An received a Masters degree in Buddhist Studies from Li Cheng University in Japan in 1960, and is now the Principal at Tung Lien

Chiao Yuan's Jeweled Enlightenment Middle School in Hong Kong. She recently visited Gold Mountain Monastery to pay her respects to the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, and will travel in the United States before returning to Hong Kong. She is accompanied by Bhiksuni Ch'eng Ming.


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