Professor Irving Lo, well known scholar from the University of Indiana, visited Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery in July accompanied by his wife and one of his students, Mr. K. C. Tu. Taking advantage of the proximity of Gold Mountain to Stanford University, where he held a post as Visiting Professor of Chinese Poetry and Classics this past year, Professor Lo traveled to San Francisco to join in a meeting of the Avatamsaka Dharma Assembly.

      As one who understands the unique historical significance of the work being undertaken at Gold Mountain, which includes translation of the Mahayana sutras in order to transmit the complete teachings of Buddhism to the West, Prof. Lo accepted a corresponding advisor ship to the Sino-American Buddhist Associationís journal of Buddhist studies, Vajra Bodhi Sea. The members of the Association were pleased to have the opportunity to welcome this eminent professor of Chinese and English literature.


      Shown here with Professor Lo  at the entrance to Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery is Bhiksu Heng Kuan, editor of Vajra Bodhi Sea, who recently received a Masters degree at Stanford.

The Professor is well known for his book of translations and commentaries on the work of the famous Sung poet Hsin Ch'i-chi. He will return to Indiana with his family in the near future.