Introducing The Eminent Bhiksu



 Dharma Master Shou Ch'eng  left the home life in 1935 under his teacher, the Master Ming Hang, at Chungking Temple in Szechwan. He was fourteen at the time. After studying as a novice for five years, he received the complete precepts on Pao Hua Mountain; the Venerable Miao Jo was the Precept Master.  Following his ordination he studied at the Society for the Investigation of Buddhist Studies for seven years and then went on to hold various monastic positions. He served on the staff at the Shanghai Academy for Buddhist Studies.

      In 1949 he departed from the troubled mainland and traveled to Taiwan where he became a lecturer in the Buddhist Academy. Afterwards he served as a teacher at First Monastery. In 1956 he began a six year retreat; upon returning he became the Abbot of Ch'ing Lien Temple.  Later he was asked to be Supervisory Director of the new Hsuan Chuang Temple at Sun Moon Lake, after which he accepted the position of Guest Prefect at Shan Tao Temple which is his current post.

      Dharma Master Shou Ch'eng visited Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery in September 1971 as a member of the group led by the Venerable Master Pai Sheng which represented the Chinese Buddhist Association at the Opening of Mahayana Temple in South Cairo, New York. The Sino-American Buddhist Association was pleased to be able to welcome Dharma Master Shou Ch’eng and hear him explain Dharma.