Introducing the Eminent Bhiksu


--By Bhiksu Heng Kuan

      Dharma Master Wu I  left the home life in 1940 at Pao Hua Shan, and took the precepts there in 1942. His teacher was the Master Liao Wei. He is a graduate of both the Kuang Hsiao Fo Hsueh Yen Cho She and the Chao Shan Fo Hsueh Yuan. In 1947 he became the Supervisory Director of Chi Sha Temple.

      He left the mainland China in 1950 for Hong Kong, and then went on to Taiwan in 1953. In 1956 he began holding important positions at Shan Tao Temple in Taipei, and became Dharma Master Wu I Abbot there in 1967.

      Dharma Master Wu I visited Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery early in the autumn of 1971 as a member of a party led to take part in the opening of Mahayana Temple in South Cairo New York. The Sino-American Buddhist

Association welcomes all members of Sangha and laymen to join the Dharma assembly at Gold Mountain, and to reside at the Monastery and take their meals here during their stay. The Association is pleased that it can provide a place for traveling bhiksus to reside when they sojourn in San Francisco.