The Bodhi Mirror

Biographical Sketch of the Eminent 
Bhiksu Huyen-Vi

--Bhiksu Heng Kuan

      Dharma Master Huyen-Vi was born into a devoted Buddhist family in 1928, in Ninh-Thuan which is located in central Vietnam. He was extremely studious in his childhood, and underwent very rigorous training. At fourteen he took the ten precepts and left the home life, becoming a Sramanera under the Venerable Tri Thang at Thien Hung Temple.

      At the age of twenty he became a Bhiksu, receiving the precepts at An Quang Temple from the Venerable Hue Quang. After graduation from the An Quang Buddhist Institute in Saigon, he dedicated himself to beneficial works. In 1950 he became a Lecturer at An Quang, and around the same time was appointed a Preacher of the Vietnamese Sangha Congregation. In 1955 he was elected Vice-President of the General Commission for the Propagation of the Dharma.

In June 1961 he took an opportunity to study at the Nalanda Pali Institute in India and do research on topics related to the Theravadin tradition of Buddhism. In addition to his thorough knowledge of the Mahayana tradition, Dharma Master Huyen—Vi has acquired a proficiency in many different languages, which greatly aid him in his work. He became a Lecturer in 1969, and in 1971 received the Ph.D. degree from Nalanda with a 377-page thesis entitled "A Critical Study of the Life and Works of Sariputrathera".  During this time he traveled in India, delivering lectures on the Buddhadharma in Hindi.

Dharma Master Huyen—Vi plans to return to his native country and serve the people in the name of the Dharma by making contributions in the field of Buddhology. He has vowed to dedicate his entire life to the Dharma and devotes himself to propagating Buddhism and benefiting living beings.

The Sino—American Buddhist Association was very pleased to have Dharma Master Huyen-Vi as a guest during the fourth week of June this year. He stopped in San Francisco to pay his respects at Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery and to meet the members of the Association. He is on a round the world journey sponsored by his disciples in Vietnam for the purpose of making a study of the world's Buddhist activities. He has visited five European countries and many major cities in the U.S., and plans to go on to Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Burma.