Disciples of World Buddhism

First Open Letter to the World’s Buddhists
from the
Vajra Bodhi Sea Publication Society

Leaders of all sects and schools, elders of various lands, virtuous and outstanding members of the Sangha, great masters throughout the Ten Directions: kindly inspect this letter with your wisdom.

Without fanfare or prepublication announcement, our magazine quietly appeared and reached the hands of subscribers, supporters and those who praise us. Since that time over two years have elapsed in the blink of an eye. Not daunted by difficulties and reverses, we never retreat, but continue to work for peaceful cultural exchange between the East and West.

In order that the holy doctrine may abide in the world, we are introducing the Dharma portraits of venerable sages of the past, of the sources of various lineages, of outstanding laymen of past and present, of Dharma protectors, and of worthies. We will introduce the Dharma lineages and lines of succession so that the high Sanghans and sages may continue to illuminate and serve as models for later generations. We will publish this material for the encouragement and exhortation of later generations, so that they may select good models on which to pattern themselves.

It is our hope that our good advisors throughout the world will join in this undertaking for the benefit of world Buddhism so that we might all travel hand in hand, working together and getting rid of selfish and private views. We hope that you will all serve as our guides and point out our shortcomings. We now anxiously await your replies as matters of utmost importance.

We hope that you all flourish in virtue.

June 1st,                       --The members of the Vajra Bodhi Sea
Mahayana 2999                     Publication Society