Distinguished Professor and Author

--by Bhiksu Heng Kuan

The staff of the Vajra Bodhi Sea Publication Society takes this space to thank Professor P.Y. Hsieh for her accurate and constructive criticism of Vajra Bodhi Sea. Those people who truly care about the future of Buddhism and who have the compassion to point out our errors, causing us to change for the good, are certainly our good knowing advisors. Without good advice, one could pass through a lifetime of confusion thinking that everything was proper and correct. Good criticism where it is needed will speed the growth of Buddhism in the West.

Professor Hsieh presented her criticisms with humility, telling some humorous anecdotes from the days when she was studying English to illustrate her points. For example, once one of her classmates decided to try some of what she had learned in a class on English grammar, spelling and writing.  But one day when her teacher heard her exclaim, "Dog bless you!" she was soundly scolded.

Professor Hsieh particularly pointed out the text upon which the article "The Vomit Verse" is based (see VBS#9, December 1970), which was incorrectly transcribed oh to the proof sheets of that issue. The editor offers his apologies to the readers for this carelessness, hoping that no one was confused by it, and thanks Professor Hsieh for correcting the errors.

The Chinese for the gatha was written down from memory by an American who had studied Chinese for only a year or so.

The members of Vajra Bodhi Sea are pleased that Professor Hsieh has agreed to join Vajra Bodhi Sea Publications as Corresponding Advisor.  Professor Hsieh is a well-known and respected novelist, essayist, scholar and teacher. Not least among her many talents and accomplishments is a deep comprehensive understanding of the Buddhadharma. Vajra Bodhi Sea has been greatly honored by Professor Hsieh's acceptance of the position, and each member of the staff welcomes her.

     In addition to her writing, Professor Hsieh is a well-known and popular teacher of Chinese literature and composition at Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, Republic of China.  She gives lively and engaging classes, offering her students a keen wit, a special insight, and much wisdom derived from an exceptionally wide variety of experience and a deep understanding of the basic principles of the self-nature. (See VBS Issue #20.)

 Hsieh Ping-ying

     The original "Vomit Verse" as it was passed on to Vajra Bodhi Sea by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua apears below.