Seeing Dhyana Cultivator Heng Ching Off to the East

-Translated by The Buddhist Text Translation Society; arranged by Bhiksu Heng Kuan

In December of 1971, Dharma Master Heng Ching, Managing Director of Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery, Chairman of the Precept Transmitting Committee, and Director of Translations of the Vajra Bodhi Sea Publication Society, traveled to Taiwan and Hong Kong for the sake of propagating the Dharma. While in Hong Kong he delivered lectures or the Heart Sutra to enthusiastic audiences (see VBS #16, p. 18).

The following verses and prose piece were written by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua "to send Dhyana Cultivator Heng Ching off with encouragement and exhortations to Taiwan and Hong Kong for the propagation of Dharma:

In the Great Void the proper Dharma ought to rise and flourish,
For the Holy Teaching's sake do not fear suffering.
East and West are not beyond a single transformed thought,
For North and South, departure and return, are just distinctions of sixth consciousness.
Although the Mind, Buddha, and Beings do not differ,
Enlightened Nature of brilliant beings may be deep or shallow.
Patience, vigor, prajna paramita.
Sila and dhyana-samadhi should be practiced with diligence.

Today the fields of scientific technology and communications have expanded and made great progress. Most people think that this is extraordinary; I consider it to be quite common, for it is nothing but a manifestation of one aspect of the Buddhadharma. How unfortunate are those who, because they do not know the Dharma's complete and wonderful principles, think that scientific discoveries are strange.

Now you should do what is difficult to do, and endure what is difficult to endure. With courageous, heroic and vigorous great vows, forget your self for the sake of the Dharma. Cross over the many with whom you have affinity. Be calm! Be still!

Announcement to the Honored Elder Ones

      The Sino-American Buddhist Association invites the elder members of our society (of at least sixty years of age) to come to Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery and join the members of the Association in a vegetarian meal. These meals are served daily; the only requirement is that those wishing to attend arrive or call in to the temple before 9 A.M.

      What easier way is there to plant good roots, derive wealth and honor, and lengthen life, than by eating vegetarian food?