Patriarchs of 
India and China

Translated by Disciple Heng Ching

The Venerable One was from central India. He was exemplary in his awesome demeanor and understood the doctrine of both the Great and Small Vehicles. He made it his responsibility to travel about teaching.

When they reached Loyang the Master was given an interview by the Emperor who established White Horse Monastery for him. He translated many Sutras, the Sanskrit texts of which were later stored in a stone building, and placed a Buddha image at Ch'ing Liang Pavilion.

The Master was once involved in a wager with some Taoists who claimed that their scriptures would remain untouched by fire. Their books, however, were reduced to ashes while the Buddhist Sutras were untouched. The Master then leapt into space where he manifested many spiritual penetrations, emitted a great Brahma sound and proclaimed the holy doctrine. Flowers rained down from space to the pleasure of the assembly. Later his life ended at Loyang.

His Eulogy says:

"A golden man was seen in a dream,

Bringing the Dharma to the east,

Opening the heavens, supporting the sun,

A man of extraordinary power.

Like a blind man gaining sight,

A deaf man suddenly hearing,

A subduer of externalists,

And propagator of our school."

In the course of his travels he met emissary Tsai Hsin from the court of Han China who had been sent west in search of Buddhism. They met in the land of the Yueh Chih, and wished to return to the land of Han together. The Master took many Sutras with him, as well as an image of white cloth made at the time of King You Chen.

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