Dharma Masters Heng Ch’ien and Heng Ching
receiving the plaque from Consul General Tuan.


      The Honorable Chiang Kai She, President of the Republic of China, wrote the calligraphy seen above, which has been hung in the Great Hall at Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery. President Chiang is a gifted and talented individual who was chosen successor to the father of the Chinese Republic, Dr. Sun Yat Sen. He has long been a benefactor of Chinese culture and enjoys the company of prominent and learned men. His sphere of influence is far reaching, and he benefits not only those near to him but those distant as well, so that the overseas Chinese community feels great respect for him. Because of his ability as an administrator, his strong leadership and far reaching vision, he has been elected to five consecutive terms of office.

      The plaque, which reads, “A clear mind tends towards the good” was installed on Saturday, May 20, 1972 by the Chinese consul General, Mr. Tuan Chang Chih who made the presentation on behalf of the President. This support of the Buddhadharma benefits the world by promoting understanding and cooperation among nations, and accrues immeasurable merit.