First American Dharma Master to Ascend the Lion痴 Throne in Orient

Dharma Master Heng Ching, the Managing Director of Gold Mountain Monastery and Chairman of the 1972 Precept Transmitting Committee, recently visited the Buddhist Lecture Hall in Hong Kong where he lectured the Prajna-Paramita Heart Sutra and The Standless Gathas of Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua. The audience there warmly greeted him and delighted in listening to his eloquent explanations.

When the lecture series was completed, he returned to San Francisco on February 23rd where he was greeted by the fourfold assembly of disciples. Later, at Gold Mountain Monastery the above photograph was taken. Dharma Master Heng Ching, in a yellow robe and red sash is seated fifth from the right. Other persons pictured are (from left to right) Sramaneras Kuo Yu and Kuo Tao, Sramanerika Kuo P置, Bhiksuni Heng Ch段h, Bhiksus Heng Shoou, Heng Shou, Heng Ch段en, Heng Kuan, Heng Pai, Heng Ch誕o, Bhiksuni Heng Yin. Back row: (left to right) Upasaka Kuo I Foorman, Upasikas Kuo Hsin Lewis and Kuo Chin Vickers, Upasaka Kuo Yu Linebarger, Upasika Kuo Wan Linebarger, Carry Kent, Upasika Kuo Tsung Bach, Upasakas Kuo K置ei Bach, Kuo Fa Olson, and Kuo T置ng Laughton, Upasika Kuo T置ng Laughton, Upasaka Kuo Jung Epstein, Upasikas Kuo Han Epstein, Kuo Hsu Saario, and Kuo Chao Eberle.