Eminent Upasaka Visits Gold Mountain


      The Sino-American Buddhist Association has always gladly received visits from protectors of the proper Dharma, both laymen and those who have left the home life. The members of the Association were especially pleased to welcome the Senior Upasaka Hsieh Chen-ju and his wife and son on their recent visit to Gold Mountain Temple. Mr. Hsieh, a native of Shanghai, China who presently resides in Hong Kong, is an active Buddhist and a faithful protector of the Triple Jewel. Deep faith and wise discrimination over the years of his involvement with Buddhism have given Upasaka Hsieh uncommon clarity of insight into the nature of true Dharma.

It was because of this insight that he sought to meet the Elder Master, Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua, and draw near to one who had obtained great virtue through rigorous cultivation of the way. As if by way of a test of his sincerity and faith, Upasaka Hsieh's attempts to see the Master, which spanned several years, were all in vain.

On one occasion Upasaka Hsieh visited the Buddhist Lecture Hall, and although not aware of it I was face to face with the Master.

"Is the Elder Dharma Master To Lun here?" asked Mr. Hsieh.

"He died a long time ago," the Master rejoined.

"Well, then, are you his disciple?"

"You could say that," replied the Master, "or you could say that I am his teacher." After a short chat Mr. Hsieh departed, not knowing he had met the Master for whom he sought.

Why did Upasaka Hsieh meet with these difficulties? The Elder Master Hsuan Hua is not intimate with laymen even in extreme circumstances, and does not spend his day idly chatting with people. By his own example he teaches his disciples to avoid pandering even if freezing, to avoid begging even if starving, and to avoid groveling even if poverty stricken. Consequently the Master is not one to whom visitors find easy access; it takes the kind of sincerity shown by Upasaka Hsieh to be able to meet one of Way virtue.

Upasaka Hsieh's persistence bore fruit, and he and his son were received by the Master at the Buddhist Lecture Hall in San Francisco.


During their recent visit to Gold Mountain Dhyana Monastery, the Hsieh
family posed with various members of the Sino-American Buddhist
Association; in the front row are, from left to right; Mr. And Mrs.
Hsieh Chun Ju, Dharma Masters Heng Pai, Heng Kuan, Heng Ch’ih, Heng
Ching, the Master Hsuan Hua, Dharma Masters Heng Ch’ien, Heng Shou,
Heng Yin, Heng Shoou, Heng Ch’ao, Upasaka I kuo Jung, and Mr. Hsieh You Liang.