Pictorial Biography of Venerable Master Hsu Yun

composed by Venerable Master Hua
Pays his respects to
the ancient shrines


      The Master left Pai Yun Monastery, and bowed his way up the mountain to Pi Mo Cave, Shih Tzu Cave, and Lung Cave, and other places on Kuei Feng Peak. The magnificent scenery there cannot fully be described. Since the Master was bowing, he did not really see it. At the end of the 5th lunar month, he reached Hsien T'ung Monastery where his bag had been brought by the soldier. He continued down the mountain, offering up incense at all the temples in the area.

The Gatha says:

      The Pi Mo cave is adjacent to
         the lofty Kuei Feng Peak.
      Inside the Shih Tzu cave is hidden
         the Lion Worthy One.
      And its been said that Lung T'ung cave
         harbors a dragon mother.
      The power spots on Wu T'ai Mountain
         are more than can be spoken.