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Look at the Big Picture

      Recently, a group of students and their instructor from College of the Redwoods visited the Dharma Realm Buddhist University campus at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in connection with their study of Eastern philosophies and religions. They attended ceremonies and a lecture and were given eloquent encouragement by our Chancellor;


      Today we welcome the young and old from College of Redwoods as we meet here to investigate the principles of being human. It is said,

      The plans for the day are made in the morning. 
      The plans for the year are made in the spring.
      The plans for one's life are made in one's youth.

So whatever work we are going to do on a given day should be planned out in the morning. Then things will go in an organized fashion. If you don't make plans, then the day will go by with nothing accomplished. He make plans in the morning like all of you who come from so far, early this morning. Without proper planning, there can be no accomplishment. 
Students must find a good school. Workers have to find a good job. We must not be lazy, we must be vigorous, no matter what we are doing. Especially students. Students can't be too
stuffy, but they also shouldn't be too lively. If you are in accord with the middle way you will obtain benefit. You can't be a bookworm but you can't just let things slide either. In investigating true principle we cannot hold to unreasonable or devious ideas. We have to look at the principles in the books to make sure they are in accord with logic. You can't "eat and then not be able to digest" what you study. If you "eat and digest it," then you have some sustenance. You can't be too lively, that is, eat it but then just forget it. This is something to note. However, when young, number one, you need a good teacher. He will teach you the proper road, the great bright road. Secondly, we need good friends and fellow students. Good friends don't mean they are good looking or good at flattery, with crooked minds. They must be superior, proper people who don't do bad deeds or break the school rules. It is said, "If you draw near the rough, you turn red; if you draw near the ink, you get black. If you draw near green, you turn green; if you draw near the yellow, you get yellow." So when young, you must choose your friends with care. Make quality friends, not friends who will harm you.

      You yourself must have proper thoughts and proper views. Whatever is proper, you should do; what is improper, you shouldn't think, "I'll try that out." Young people are the leaders of tomorrow. Now, you are being educated and this is your foundation. When your foundation is well set, then you can build a thousand floor tower. One that won't be affected in an earthquake. Without a good foundation,  no matter how you build, it won't be sturdy. So students must have solid foundations and good roots so as to change all the catastrophes due in the world. We must create good people, People come into this world to benefit the world and bring virtue to the people, benefitting all under heaven. That should be your duty in coming in the world. If you don't do things like this, then you have come into this world to the benefit of no one and what use is there in being a person? So when young you must set down a firm, good foundation. In the future, no matter where you are, you should benefit others, not yourself. We must work for the benefit of all human kind and not just think about ourselves. We should look at the big picture and not just the small one. Take note of this.


May 4 4/1 First of lunar month

May 7


Anniversary: Manjushri Bodhisattva

May 8 4/5 Grave-Cleaning Day

May 11


Anniversary of Shakyamuni
Buddha's Birthday

May 18



15th of lunar month; Beginning of Summer Retreat for Sanqha



EXHIBITION DATES: May 16th through June 30th.

ELIGIBILITY: All artists whose source of inspiration is Buddhism.

OPEN: All forms of visual expression.

LIMIT: Three pieces (groupings count as one piece).

Deadline for slide or color photo entry:
      April 15th. Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. Include size and

Deadline for delivery of accepted work:
      May 10th. Although the Studio Gallery will take every measure to insure the safety of
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